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Brainly is a platform that facilitates online learning by allowing its users to share learning materials. It is the world's most extensive homework help and online learning software accessible to teachers, students, and parents. This platform gives its users instant access to the questions that other users post, which makes handling homework easier and convenient for students.

The platform also makes it easy for users to access homework help easily by connecting them to teachers and other students with the knowledge needed to answer the questions. It brings together a community of over 80 million students who access the platform and get help with their assignments every month. This makes the forum a good social learning platform for students looking for help with social studies, math, foreign languages, science, and many more. With Brainly, students can collaborate with each other in their studies and minimize their teachers' workload.


The platform is available as free for use, although users can subscribe to a paid plan to enjoy unlimited access. Users can access Brainly any time of the day from anywhere, making it one of the most reliable learning communities for students.

The platform provides quick access to high-quality answers since posted questions are answered in a matter of minutes. The platform has also contracted the services of moderators who ensure the quality of responses is maintained.

Users can share their learning materials and knowledge with the community to earn points and improve their ranking. It also enhances knowledge sharing within the community. Every user on the platform has something to offer because many of them are experts in different fields. The more one shares his or her knowledge with others, the more points he or she accumulates and moves up the ranks.

The platform offers access to learning materials from different disciplines. As a result, users can ask questions and look for answers touching various fields such as Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Advanced Placement (AP), Arts, Health, Social Studies, History, Computer, Technology, German, Spanish, and other global languages. There is also a special section for PSAT and SAT exams.

Brainly does not target learners at a specific education level. It offers learning materials and allows elementary school, middle school, high school, and those in colleges to access reliable learning materials and tutors. Regardless of the type of question one asks, the answers provided are accurate and explanations are in-depth for easier understanding.


  • You can ask questions and get accurate answers almost immediately.
  • The answers offered are detailed and come with an in-depth explanation for the community of users on the platform.
  • Brainly's search feature allow users to find similar questions and answers, thus making learning fun and easier.
  • Access to expert-verified answers to your homework instantly.
  • Wide usage with over 350 million tutors and students on the platform. Users are sure that any question they raise will be answered.


  • To have unlimited access to the services, users have to go for the paid plans as free ones have a limited number of questions.
  • Some technical questions have slower response times, and this can be inconvenient at times.
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